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Primrose Hill Chords

Primrose Hill (Capo 2) 

(C) Living on the side of Primrose Hill
Drinking (F) cans of Tennants just can't seem to get my fill
Got a (G) beat up guitar and a dirty old sleeping bag
And this (F) mangy dog whose tail don't wag 

(C) Sun's been shining down on my hillside bed
(F) That's not the only reason my face is so red
This (G) nasty cut on my nose is not from no fight
I just fell (F) down yesterday or maybe it was last night 

(C) And I used to sing and play down in the underground
(F) But a few years back they started cracking down
Now I'm (G) living on the side of Primrose Hill
I'm no (F) tourist attraction but I give them a thrill


(C) Yeah I see you riding by on your flash bicycle
Yeah they (F) can do you for that on Primrose Hill
(G) A pretty young mother goes by she's pushing her pram
(F) Her little baby leans out just to see what I am
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(C) From the top of the hill there's a hell of a view
(F) Houses of Parliament and London Zoo
Those (G) politicians all chatter they trumpet and roar
That must (F) be what those hyenas all are laughing for

(C) When you come up to London it sure is something to see
(F) It's somewhere to go but it's no place to be
And there's (G) two things keeping me from going 'round the bend
(F) I got my music and this dog for a friend


(C) 'Cause life gets slippery when you're living on the side
Yeah I (F) know I should quit drinking but I haven't even tried
(G) My mutt's licking my fingers and I'm wetting my lips
I got a (F) can of extra strong and a bag of chicken and chips

(C) If I had a little money I'd get a few things
(F) Like a bottle of vodka and a pack of new guitar strings
I guess (G) I could die here on the side of this hill
(F) I'm no tourist attraction but I'd give them a chill

(C) And I'm living on the side Of Primrose Hill
Drinking (F) cans of Tennants Just can't seem to get my fill
Got a (G) beat up guitar And dirty old sleeping bag
(F) This mangy dog Whose tail won't wag (C)