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Human Cannonball Chords

Capo 3

C F Am F C

C          F
Emmanuel Zucchini Senior
Am  F           C
The Human Cannonball
C           F             Am
Died in Sarasota Monday
F               G
Eighty-four was all
     F               Am
From Italy in Thirty-four
F                         G
John Ringling brought him here
C              F
Broken neck in Fifty-one
Am    F     C
Ended his career
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C                  F            Am
But in those years in between
F            C
Seventeen in all
C           F                Am           
Few flew as fast or as far
F            G
As the Cannonball
F                         Am
Fifty-eight yards and one foot
F                        G
Was the distance that he went
C                F            Am
Fifty-four miles in an hour
    F                 C
The speed that he was sent

C F Am F C
C F Am F G
F G F Am
C F Am F C

C                   F                  Am
Two of his brothers and two daughters
F                     C
Nine grandchildren in all
C           F                 Am
And the one great grandchild
F                 G
Survive the Cannonball
F                          Am
He died on Monday where he lived
   F             G
It happens to us all
C                    F               Am
Shot through the air expecting nets
  F                 C
A flight and then a fall

C          F
Emmanuel Zucchini Senior
Am  F           C
The Human Cannonball