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One Of These Days Chords

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Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 09:43:41 PDT
From: Seb Perry 
Subject: l/longpigs/one_of_these_days.crd

"One of These Days"
by Longpigs
secret track on The Sun Is Often Out LP
tabbed by Seb (sebperry@hotmail.com)

okay, i have to admit im not sure that this song is called
'one of these days' at all, but since there's no indication on the album 
sleeve that it even exists, it's as good a name as any.
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E [022100]
E7 [022130]
A7 [x0202x]
Am7 [x0201x]
F#m [244222]
B [x2444x]
C#m [x46654]

Intro: E E7 A7 Am7

Verse:   E                    A7
       It's good to have you near me....   etc

        F#m             B     E                A
       But one of these days you're sure to be gone
        C#m                  G#m         F#m    B
       And i'll have to carry on without you 

don't know all the lyrics. sorry. the 2nd chorus is:

   But how can I trust you're really in love
   I'll have to carry on without you.