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Come On Little Heartbreaker Chords

Tabbed by Jack.
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* before i start i have a correction to my other little birdy tab (Beautiful to me).
In the one published i stated F minor but it is actually F major.

Now for 'c'mon little hearbreaker'....

Chords used:
F (--3211), Dm (---231),Am (002210), C (332011), A (002220), G (320033)

F (played repeatedly, listen to the song and you'll know what i mean)

F         Dm               Am        C
Everybody knows the reason why..........
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Pre Chorus:
        F             Dm             G                 A    
But its soooo hard on you to go and throw somebodies heart in the washer...

F             Dm                C            A
Baby, i know things could be easier, if we tried
And oh the tangles are too much to explain, to the world
Dm         F            G       A
Oooo, ooo yeh yeh, ooo yehh....

F              Dm           Am              C
C'mon little heartbreaker, loosen up for a lifetime baby
F       Dm              A
You and me are headin' straight upstream

Enjoy, it really is a beautiful song.