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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Counterfeit Bass Tab

    Tabbed By Richard 3:17

   This is the nearly tab that i can do

   Intro/Chorus:Bass starts in 0:44

G ---------------------  
D ---------------------x8 
A ---------------------
E --1-0-0----1-0-1-0---

Verse:"Hey man wake up......."

G --------10-----9-----7-----6--------------10-----9----8-----
D --6/10-----10-----9----8-----7-----6/10------10----9----8~--
A ------------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------
  Chorus x8

Bridge:"All this phonies....."
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G --------12-------12-------------10-------10/12-------
D -----12-------------12-------10----------10/12-------
A --10----------10----------8----------8---------------
E -----------------------------------------------------

 Final Riff: "Frakin me out......."

G ------------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------------
A ----7--5---------------------------------- 
E -0--------0---5--7--0--3---0-0-0--2h3p2---

 Let the guitar play a semi-solo in the part
"Now steadly whant to change........."
And then you continue with the final riff until the end

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