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Spin Acoustic Chords

Tuning is down a half step. There is also a recording of the song with it tuned
down a full step.  Boths sound good.

Intro: (Exact Timing Not Shown)


Play intro over verse:

I'd rather chase your shadow all my life
Than be afraid of my own
I'd rather be with you
I'd rather now know
                    Em            D/F#           G
Where I'll be than be alone and convinced that I know

[ Tab from: ]
D                              Bm                              
And the world keeps spinning round
                   Em          D/F#              G
My world's upside down and I wouldn't change a thing
D                         Bm
I've got nothing else to lose
                           Em         D/F#             G
I lost it all when I found you and I wouldn't change a thing
Em          D/F#            G
You and I wouldn't change a thing

Repeat Intro over Verse:

Everything I know has let me down
So I will just let go
Let you turn me inside out
Cause I know I'm not sure
                         Em       D/F#            G
About anything but you wouldn't have it any other way

Repeat Chorus


 1          2       3        2
Spinning, Turning, Washing, Burning
 1      2         3          2
All my life has found it's meaning
  1        2         3        2
Walking, Crawling, Climbing, Falling
  1     2         3          2         
All my life has found it's meaning

Em         D/F#             G
You and I wouldn't change a thing
    Em      D/F#               G
No you and I wouldn't change a thing

Small Instrumental part: D Bm Em D/F# G

Repeat Chorus

I didn't know the names of the chords on the bridge so here they are

The intro is a little bit off but this sounds good.
Just listen to the song when you play it and it's easy, all the
chords match up with the album version too.