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this is how my youth church plays it during worhsip.  and trust me it sounds 
great and is right.

tuning: standard
chords needed:
Bm:  020230
F#:  200230 (dont worry its just for picking)
G:   300030 (for the verses)
G:   320033 (for the choruses)
D:   xx0232

the chord progression for the verses:

Bm    F# G     Bm      F# G
find me here     speak to me

but since you dont play full chords unless ur on the keyboard which really there isnt a
part for until louder parts but i play it anyway just low on the volume, anyway, since 
you dont play the full chords there is picking, its simple picking dont worry.

remember to put your fingers in the positions for chords in the way i described at the 
top at "chords needed".   *i know there is picking after the G chord, its just some 
picking in the G chord, you can just fiddle yourself and it'll sound dandy, i gurantee it*

[ Tab from: ]
   Bm      F# G

the progression for the first chorus goes as i say:

D     F#  G                   Bm        F#   G  
  how can i stand here with you and not be moved by you
D            F#  G                Bm          F#   G
  would you tell me how could it be any better than this 

there is picking the first few times they go thru this but on the D chord its a strum 
every time.  it sounds fine if you just strum all chords softly but you can pick like 
the verses too.  both sound fine. 

the loud really cool chorus (chorus 2): loud and strummed, duh
oh and on the Bm you can play the way at the top its an inversion. 

                      Bm                          D
(cause) you're all i want          you're all i need
                       G                   Asus
        you're everything            everything

how it all works:
verse 1
chorus 1
verse 2
chorus 1 
chorus 1
chorus 2
chorus 2
chorus 2
chorus 2
chorus 1
chorus 1
chorus 1
chorus 1 quiet and picked

thats it and its correct.

questions, comments e-mail: