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Eighties Chords

Artist:Blyss/Bliss(also known as Lifehouse)
Tabbed by:Colgate Maclay

This is one of the unreleased songs from Lifehouse.It was written back in the Blyss/
Bliss-time and recorded for "Diff´s lucky day".I´m quite sure this tab is
least it sounds right to me.So here it comes:

Intro:          C
      E -------------------0---
      B ------1---1----------1- 
      G --------0--------0-----         2x
      D ---------------3-------    
      A --3--------------------
      E -----------------------

 other tabs used in this song are
         Am                      F                          G
 E ---------------0----  -----------------1---  -------------3----------3-
 B ------1---1------1--  ------1---1--------1-  -----3--3-------3---3---3-
 G --------0-----0-----  --------2-------2----  -------0---0-----0--------
 D -------------3------  --------------3------  ----------0---------------
 A --0-----------------  --0------------------  --2------------2----------
 E --------------------  ---------------------  --------------------------

Verse1:    C (play the tabs everytime in the verses)
       When you find your castle on a hill
       With the bars on the windows 
       Will you burn the bridge behind you?
       Will you ever come out and see the 
         Am                   F
       sun again? Will you hide?
       Now how long has it been 
       since you´ve seen the light?
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Verse2:    C
       Make your way on the stairs to the top of your tower.
       Stonecold floors,hardwood doors lead you to your room
       of plastic flowers
            Am                F
       They still look the same. 
           Am              G
       Drendged in water.It comforts you to think that they´re alive.

Chorus:(either you play in chords or in tabs-I think in chords sounds better)
        C          Em                    Am
       It could have been easier than this.
         Am                F                       C
       If you threw it all away what would you miss?
        C                 Em                         Am
       It could have been too much of a chance to take.
          Am               F                  C
       The silence in your head would have to break.
         C         Em             Am
       Your grip is slipping faster.
         Am                      F                    C
       Looks like you´ll have to face yourself after all.

Note:Play the last chord C like the intro again.

Verse3:        C
       Step outside the shadows of your cage.
       Strangled truth, stolen youth is written on every line
       of every page.
          Am           F
       It´s your story.
       Do you want it back?
           G ( 2x-but without the 5 last tones of the tab)
       You have to decide if it´s worth it.
            Em (2x)
       Swim across the swamp to the other side.
       Run until your out of breath
       When you look back there´ll be nothing left
            G (once-with the 5 last notes again)
       but a memory fading quickly.

Chorus:   C         Em                  Am
       It could have been easier than this....

Play the chorus twice.
End on the C-tabs (Outro = Intro)

...You´re welcome!