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Breathing Tab

Not bad for a 15 yr old kid!  Try it out like this though and see
how you like it.  I didn't feel up to tabbing the whole thing, but you
should be able to get the rest of it if you get this bit.  See if you
can get the REFRAIN section.

Note: Capoing it does make it a little easier to play, but the tonality
isn't quite right and it doesn't sound so great if you're trying to solo
it on an acoustic guitar.  Tune it normally and try this...

        Dm-C-Bflat-C    Dm-C-Bflat-A   (repeat until chorus)

        F          C          Bflat      F     C
        Cause I am hanging on every word you're saying

        Dm                      C
        Even if you don't wanna speak tonight

               Bflat      F          C
        That's alright, alright with me.

Keep up the tabbing!  E-mail me for any corrections or suggestions...



I tabbed this song out by ear, but there may be some mistakes because this is my very first tab and I am 
15 (that should tell you something)! Remember: 1 means the first fret after the capo(just letting you know)

Standard Tuning         -        CAPO on 5th FRET

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       Am              G7              F               C
B: --1--------------1------------1------------1-----------------|
G:---2--------------0------------2----------- 0-----------------|
A:------------------2------------------------ 3-----------------|
E:----------------- 3-------------------------------------------|

     Am           G                       C G7
          I am hanging on every word you say

       Am                            G7
          Even if you don't want to speak to me

                  F                G7
          It's alright,  alright with me.

      Am                G7        F
         Cuz I want  nothing more to sit, outside

             C    G7        Am                G7
          Heavens door and listen to you breathing

           F                G7
          It's where I wanna be?