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Mocking Bird Chords

This is the Intro to Mocking Bird - A B side on the single, Dont Look Back into the sun

e  ----------------------------------------------
B  --9--7--5--3hh55--9--7--5--3h55--3--2---------
G  ----------------------------------------2--0--
D  ----------------------------------------------
A  ----------------------------------------------
E  ----------------------------------------------

chords after this is
continously struck

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Em           Em           A             Em
I won me a mocking bird, mocking bird a mockingbird
Em           Em           A             Em
I won me a mocking bird when i gambled all night long
Em           Em           A             Em
Mocking Bird was a talking bird squaking all night long

(For next part only strike once)

Itried for the Money
I was not able
Had two more drinks
And then i Slipped under the table

Then back to the Em, Em, A, Em part

pretty easy after you listen to it your get the hang of it straight away