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Carry Me Chords

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From: kesh@bnr.co.uk (Paul Keshishogli)
Subject: CRD - Levellers--carry me

When your standing by the road side and its a long
                AM           G       AM        C      G
way to go, ah carry me carry me carry me carry me friend
oh to carry me
AM                                   G
Together in this mad land far from truest of hands oh
AM              G       AM        C    G        AM
carry me carry me carry me carry me friend oh carry me
AM          EM               AM        G             C
and we'll petrol bomb the state we'll blow away the hate
                         G                        AM
But we'll do it in our minds  if we can take the time
EM                     AM   G            C
we'll build ourself a road from what we know each
           G       AM
take our part but nows the time to start.
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G                     EM       G                 EM     G 
But jane is taking heroin and paul is getting pissed steve is
            EM      F        G       G            EM
getting stoned to fucked to fight. Sarahs on the acid
G                   EM   G               EM       F         G
Sean has blown his mind all to busy hiding to fucked to fight.
AM                 EM       AM          EM   AM
Some have found religion Some have run away Some have
            EM        F       G   AM            
joined the system to find a way. Some have formed a
EM     AM             EM    AM
party Some just look away, Some of us fight the 
EM       F      G
facts to find a away.
G                             AM AM C G *2 then F C G *4
But there is a way
G           EM
there is a way
AM                                              G
when your standing by the road side and its a long
                      AM                       G         AM 
way to go well I'll carry you if you 'll carry me carry me
       C    G              AM
carry me friend well' I'll carry you


(Play this bit between verses and at the end.)

AM        G      C        F

0000*0   000000 0000*0  *000** 
00**00   0*0000 00*000  000*00
000000   *0000* 0*0000  0**000
000000   000000 000000  000000
000000   000000 000000  000000