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Mallo Cup Tab

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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 15:34:37 -0500 (CDT)
From: Chris Bray 

"Mallo Cup" by the Lemonheads (from _Lick_)

Chords by:  Chris Bray  (cbray@comp.uark.edu / csb1@engr.uark.edu)


       D                             Bm             C
G-| o--7-----7-----|--7-------7--|---7-----7-----|--7---------7------o |-
D-| o--------------|-------------|---------------|-------------------o |-

D                        Bm           C
   Here I am outside your house at 3 A.M.
D                             Bm       C
   Try'n to think you out of bed.
D         Bm         C
   I whistle at your sill,
D                                    Bm      C
   it echoes 'cross the street instead.

Bm     F#m     G         D5
     I   never will forget.
Bm   A   G        A         D5
         I ain't remembered yet.
        Bm    F#m   G         D5
Like mackeral  in   a   net,
     Em  G       Bm
I forget to forget.

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     F#5           N.C.                        B5
G|-----------------|------------------------|-----------|---------------|  (x4)

D                          Bm                  C
   And you saw nothing in my eyes but yourself.
D                    Bm      C
   Nothing in my eyes.
D                           Bm         C
   I can't seem to find the same in no one else,
D                           Bm     C
   I guess it's no surprise.

Bm     F#m     G         D5
     I   never can  forget.
Bm   A   G        A         D5
         I ain't remembered yet.
        Bm    F#m   G         D5
Like mackeral  in   a   net,
     Em  G       Bm
I forget to forget.

Em          G       Bm
   I forget to forget.
Em          G       Bm
   I forget to forget.
Em                      G          Bm  B5
   I ain't remembered yet.

csb1@engr.uark.edu            |  Chris Bray
cbray@comp.uark.edu           |  University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 
cbray@nyx.cs.du.edu           |  WWW: http://comp.uark.edu/~cbray/
You don't know how you move me, deconstruct me, and consume me, I'm all
used up, I'm out of luck, I am starstruck, By something in your eyes.
That is keeping my hope alive.   - Matthew Sweet