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In The Morning Chords

I reakon this song, and how do i are the best songs on his album. I think these are
right, i hope so. I worked this out so...they probs wrong haha. Hope you like it.
P.s Lee Ryan and Mcfly rock!!! xxxxx

In the morning

VERSE 1 (Played calmly all way through)
D                                        A
Sometimes I watch you while your sleeping
  G                          D          A
So amazed at how pretty you are
D                             A
I wonder what it is your dreaming sometimes
Where your mind goes
              D           A
And just how far
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lee_ryan/in_the_morning_crd.html ]
D                 G
Is it me, that makes you smile when dreaming
D                  G
Or could it be, the other man your seeing

D                               A
I guess ill ask you in the morning
Right before I pack my things
D                      A
And walk right out the door
D                               A
I guess ill ask you in the morning
G                                        D                 A
Ill pretend were still in love tonight but we won’t be anymore

G            D
In the morning  x 2

(Same pattern as verse one)VERSE 2

Wish I could see inside your mind
So could find out where we went wrong
Because your happiness is my sunshine
I should have known the rain was sure to come