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Radio Flyer Chords

Radio Flyer by Law of Nature
(written by Amanda Garriga)

Chords: G  320033
        C  X32033
        D  XX0232

Capo on the 3rd fret. 

Verse 1:  

G             C                 G           
    Hey mister where you going

                    C               G       C
I was wondering if you'd mind towing me

For a little while

     G            C  
Yes I'm traveling far

        G             C      G
Though I don't have a car

               C                    D
I've got four wheels and a driver's seat

    G                 C
I admit she's kind of small

         G            C
No there's no room at all

         G     C     D
For anyone else but me
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In my radio flyer

       C                D
Flying higher than the stars

         G         C              D
My radio flyer and me just hanging out

Between the cars in the parking lots

     C         D
All across America

            G                   C
I'll be the girl in the red and white

Hotrod with a handle

(Other lyrics):
So you may think I'm crazy 
Or you may just think I'm lazy
But I think that traveling by wagon's ideal
I know it gets kind of tough
Am I asking too much when I say
Can you pull me up the hill


I've been sitting here for awhile
Patiently with a smile
On my face
Waiting for someone to walk by


Transcribed by: Trichloki