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Rapture Tab

Rapture - laura Veirs

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Tabbed by sebodos aka zappy the koala

          Bm                        G
E |-----2--2---2--------------------------------|
B |-----3--3---3----------3---3---3-------------|
G |---4---4--4---4--------4---4---4-------------|
D |---------------------5---5---5---5-----------|
A |-2--------------2----------------------------|
E |-------------------3---------------3---------|
          Bm                        Bm*
E |-----2--2---2--------------------------------|
B |-----3--3---3-----------3--3---3-------------|
G |---4---4--4---4---------4--4---4-------------|
D |----------------------4---4--4---4-----------|
A |-2--------------2---2---------------2--------|
E |---------------------------------------------|

Verse (Bm G Bm Bm*)
Bm           G    
With photographs
G             Bm
And magnetic tape
We capture

Pretty animals in cages
Pretty flowers in vases

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E |-10-9-7-----------------------------|
B |--------10-8-7------------7-8-10----|
G |---------------9-7-6-7-9------------|
D |------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------|
                       And doesn't the tree
E |-3-2-0---------------------------------------------|
B |-------3-2-0---------------------------------------|
G |-------------2-0-----------------------------------|
D |-----------------4-2-------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------|
         Write great poetry?
E |-9-7-------------------9-7--------------------------|
B |-----10-8-7-6--------------10-8-7-6-----------------|
G |--------------9-7--------------------9-7------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------|
                            Doing itself                  
E |--------5-3-2-------------------------------|
B |--------------5-3-2-0-----------------------|
G |----------------------2-0-------------------|
D |--------------------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------------------|
        so well

Do you blame monet? His gardens in giverny
He captured And lovely basho
His plunking ponds and toads

The fate of kurt cobain Junk coursing through his veins
And young virginia woolf Death came and hung her coat

Love of color, sound and words Is it a blessing or a curse?

Sing me your lover's song
Gm                          Cm
Come with me we'll head up north
Where the rivers run icy and strong

Gm                          Cm
The empty theater is lying cold
Gm                     Cm
In the shadows of the past
Gm                                   Cm
A church group enters to touch the molding
With a burst of song and a simple repast
Cm                      Gm
Guitars can't help but sing
Cm              Gm
Can't help but ring

A tiny little flute is whistling in the lips
        Cm            Gm
Of a stranger on the corner
A tiny little girl ties flowers to her wrists
             Cm                   Gm
And the bees come round to adorn her

Gm                 Cm                Gm
All the time spent dreaming is never lost
Gm                            Cm                  Gm
Dreams come back through the bells of trumpeting horns
Souls lost into the ether of death
Gm                               Cm           Gm
Come back wise in the eyes and the arms of newborns
Cm                      Gm
Hearts can't help but sing
Cm              Gm
Can't help but ring