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Mystical Machine Tab

Mystical Machine Gun By Kula Shaker

Found on the album - Peasents, Pigs and Astronauts.

e -----7--------------------------
B -----8--------------------------
G -----9----7h9p7-----------------
A -----9----------9-7h9-7---------
D -----7------------------10------
E --0-----------------------------

The chord of Em is played over this
Repeat it about 3 times.

Then (with no chord):

e --------------------------------
B --------------------------------
G --7h9p7-------------------------
D --------9-7h9 7-----------------
A ----------------10--------------
E --------------------------------

Then Orchestra type thing:
C D F#sus4 F# (probably?)

Hold on the F# as this is played:

e ------0------0------0-----------
B ----3------3--------------------
G --4------2------0h2-------------
D --------------------------------
A --------------------------------
E --------------------------------


Em7				   A
Alien life entities, don't hide your pretty face from me,
(etc don't know the rest maybe someone can help me)							

No chord on the 'wizzard in a blizzard' line

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/kula_shaker/mystical_machine_tab.html ]
	Em				A
e -----7----------------------------------0-------------------
B -----8----------------------------------2-------------------
G -----9----7h9p7-------------------------2----------6^7v6----
A -----9----------9-7h9-7-----------------2-------------------
D -----7------------------10-----------0----------------------
E --0---------------------------------------------------------

As above but with the words 'Mystical Machine gun fire'

After second chorus:

C	     A         E	
Well you've got to be strong 
Dm	C
enough today
A		    E       
You just got to be strong

(bend and release B string fret 2 a couple of times

C	   A	     E		
You'll be singing a song 
   Dm    C
of light today
A		    E       
You just got to be strong

e --------------------------------
B --9-^-10v^v^v^v^----------------
G --9-^-10v^v^v^v^----------------
D --------------------------------
A --------------------------------
E --------------------------------

Restrike when the the sound fades 
do it a couple of times

the rest of the song is just Em and A

Hope this is useful!!