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Hey guys, you probably are not familiar with this GREAT song unless you have the
new KORN LIVE DVD...it features this a bonus I guess, its not on any of the cds i
have..its a great song tho...
They tune this song 5 steps down on a seven string...if you're a normal Joe you
prolly only have a six string and who wants to tune it down???

So i took the liberty to tab it in standard...sounds EXACTLY the same...
Tuning: EADGBE
Album: N/A
Guitars: 2, both do the same thing tho..
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/korn/one_tab.html ]
-3-       I'm not sure how many times you do this...just do it a lot over n over
-3-(Hit these 4 times as fast as you can with HEAVY!! distortion..)

------------repeat this twice..slide fast!

Outro: "Jump! Jump! Jump!" part
-55-5-555-5-555-5-555-55/6        HEAVY DISTORTION...SLAM THE STRINGS...
-55-5-555-5-555-5-555-55/6 i believe you repeat this like 3 times than its over

Song Order:

Intro/Verse x18 i think..listen to song on dvd to be sure
Chorus x2
Intro Verse x8
Chorus x2
Outro x3

Thats it...if you want to correct(i wouldnt know why..) IM me on kornfellow91
or Email me at poopywiener99@yahoo.com