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Version: 1 Type: Bass Tab

Alone I Break Bass Tab

Artist: Korn
Song: alone i break
Tabbed by: Joe
Email: blame_canada1@hotmail.com

This is the same way i play this song. This is a bad ass song so i had to tab it.

=====           Bass Fig. 1                  
.|G|-----------|------------------------|  (18X)

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/korn/alone_i_break_btab.html ]
			Bass Fig. 2

Fig 2 (2X)

Fig 1 (16X)

Fig 2 (2X)

Rest until you hear Bass Fig. 1 come back in, its easy to time it once you listen to the song
a couple times.

Fig 1 (2X)

Fig 2 (4X)