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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Elephant Talk Bass Tab

Artist - king crimson
song - elephant talk
tabbed by mark sweeney

for this song, i found the stick tabs and changed it to bass. it's right so if you don't think so figure 
out yourself.

main riff

G ----11-11-----11-13--|
D ----10-10-----10-12--|
A 0-0-------5h7--------|
E ---------------------|

next part is before the synth guitar solo
[ Tab from: ]
G ------------|
D --16-16-----|
A --16-16-----|
E 9-------7-8-|

this part is played during the synth guitar solo

G ---------------|
D ---------------|
A 4-2---4x2------|
E ----4-----4----|

and this part is played during the distortion solo towards the end
(play this very fast)

G 11----11-----------|
D ---11----11-11-----|
A --9-----9--9--7----|
E -------------------|

and that's it