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On Top Chords

Ths for me is the best track on a blinding album. Play it all with Bar chords
(except for the 'E' in the fill, of course!) Enjoy!

Intro - 

C#m, B, F# x 2,

Verse -

C#m                         B                  F#

Remember Rio and get down,  Like some other DJ in some other town's

been tryin to tell me ...etc

Chorus - 

                       [G#m              B                    E          C#m
...It shines on me and [ you in the back, wo-ho i cant crack, we're on top

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Fill - 

F#m     G#m     A       B        F#m         G#m            A        B
We dont need to satisfy tonight, so get your eyes off of my pride tonight x2

            Bm               E           Bm               E 

It's like a cigarette in the mouth, or a handshake in the doorway

  Bm               E                 F#m

I look at you, and smile because i'm fine

That's it, it's pretty easy to play - just listen to the song to get the timing
right. One love, MyLiter forever!