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I Am Chords

Theres a few other tabs and both work great but this is how i figured it. Its pretty
much the same idea with a b thrown in there.

Verse: G, B, Em, C, D
Chorus: Em, G, C, D
Outro: C, D, G

Verse: Well fire it up
Chop one out
Somebodys got to know
That im two days in
I got two days left to go

Chorus: Cause im georgia
I am memphis tennesee
I am everything
Hollywood wants to be
I am love and I am hate
Im your late night drunk debate
But youll never put
Your finger on me

Verse: Have you ever seen the sun
Over the rocky mountains shining
Or touched the sands
Of a southern florida beach
Have you seen a grown man cry
Or a child thats slowly dying
Have you looked inside
To see all that you can see
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Chorus: And i am north and south dakota
And new york city
Im everything hollywood wants
To be
I am love an i am hate
And all the crtics can debate
But they will never put a finger
On me
No youll never put a finger on

Verse: Have you seen the nothern falls
Or the midwest seasons changing
A montana storm
Or a warm kentucky rain
Have you heard the love that sings
Over the inner city sidewalks
Have you risen above
All that leads to hate

Chorus:And i am boston and d.c.
And all of detroit city
I am everything
That hollywood wants to be
I am southern rock-n-roll
Country and hip hop soul
And youll never put a finger on me
Im a father and and im a friend
Im your brother till the end
But youll never put your finger on me
I am only God knows why
Ill be a cowboy till i die
But youll never put you
Finger on me

Outro:Youll never put your finger on me
Youll never put your finger on me
Youll never put your finger on me
Put your finger on me