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Peaceful Chords

"Peaceful" - Kenny Rankin

Approximate tab and chords

Low E is tuned down to D.  
x02220 A
000030 A7+
000020 A7
024432 Bm
x32010 C
000232 D
222000 Em
x44222 F#m
x20003 G


part 1 [4 times.  Thumb alternates between the two D's.]

000210 3 beats. Hammer D on the B string prior to slide up.
000430 1 beat

part 2
x33210 Fmaj7
x20130 E7
x10030 Edim7

       D                                      C                 G
In the morning fun     when no one will be    drinking any more wine
In the evening shadows are callin' me and the dew settles in my mind

      Bm                                        Em                     A
I'll  wake the sun up           by givin' him a fresh air  full of the wind cup
And I think of friends in the yesterday when my plans were giggled in  rhyme
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      D                                    C                         G
And I won't be found in the shadows hiding (   ) sor-----------------row
    I had a son while on the run and his   love brought a tear to my eye

         Bm                                      Em                A              
'n I can wait for fate to bring around to me any part of my tomorrow,   to-
And      maybe some day he'll up and say that    I'm a pretty nice guy, oh, -

[Intro part 1, 2 times]

            Fmaj7  E7   Edim7           D
'cause it's oh--        oh, so peaceful here

        F#m            Bm
There's no one bending over my shoulder

Em                   A
( ) Nobody breathin' in my ear

Fmaj7  E7  Edim7             A7+   A7
Oh,              so peaceful here

dum, dum, dum, dum, dah-dah-dah

C    D
ooh, oo--oo--ooh

F#m   Bm   C    A

[Intro part 1, several times.]