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Love Handles Tab

Artist - Keller Williams
Song - Love Handles

Tuning: b F# D A E b

b |-2---------------0-0-------------------|-2-2--2-2--0-0-----------0--|
D |-3---4-4-2h3-----1-1-------------------|-3-3--3-3--1-1--------------|
A |-4-----------4-4-2-2-----0-----0-----0-|-4-4--4-4--2-2-0-----0------|  X 2
E |-4---------------2-2-0h2---0h2---0h2---|-4-4--4-4--2-2---0h2---0----|
B |-2-2-------------0-0-------------------|-2-2--2-2--0-0--------------|

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                F#   E                  F#         E
I'm packin the love,   I got it hangin off of me.......

     b                  A              b                     A
It comes in different shapes and sizes, lack of will power compromises......

          G#         b           F#                                   G#        b
Well the man, on the tv tells me I got so much love i could spare to lose some

So I change the channel.....