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Still Pray Chords

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?22??Still Pray?Casey Chambers Feat. Paul 
tuning. Just follow the chord pattern throughout the songBm					Well I still cry for baby Jesus,				   
I still pray when I?m alone,	  	 G  				D					And when I?m lost, he?ll come to find me,		  A     G		      BmBecause he died to save my soul,	When I can?t walk, he?s there to carry,When I speak he hears my 
I wake and I have nothing,He sends me gold frankincense and mirth,Well I still cry for baby Jesus,And I still pray when I?m alone,And when I?m lost, he?ll come to find me,Because he died to save my soul,When I cry my tears of sorrow,When my heart will only ache,And if I?m troubled when I?m sleeping,He will hold me until I wake,Well I still cry for baby Jesus,And I still pray when I?m alone,And when I?m lost, he?ll 
to find me,Because he died to save my soul,Because he died to save my soul,Because he died to save my soul,/rs????>*CJOJQJ^JCJOJQJ^J./rs{????:;=e?????;\]|??????????????????????????????$a$?????"Lmn?????????????
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