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Play The Game Chords

(Kerry Livgren/Phil Ehart/Rich Williams/Danny Flower/Rob Frazier)



INTRO: Dm   C Bb     Dm  C    

Dm            C         Bb           Dm
You think that something's happening
              C         Bb        Dm   
ANd it's bigger than your life
             C            Bb       Dm
But it's only what you're hearing
           C         Bb    Dm 
Will you still remember
            C          Bb         Dm
When the morning light has come
            C              Bb 
Will the songs be playing over and over
			  Bb	A
Till you do it all over again

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Dm    F         C    Dm Dm     
Play, play the game tonight
         Bb                  Dm  C  
Can you tell me if it's wrong or right
      Dm    F                C      Dm Dm
Is it worth the time, is it worth the price
       Bb                   Dm   C      Bb
Do you see yourself in the white spotlight
                             Dm   ( SECOND CHORUS FINISH F D#m D#m )
Then play the game tonight

Dm    C    Bb
Dm    C    Bb

Dm           C        Bb   Dm
And when the curtains open
             C               Dm
To the roaring of the crowd
         C       Bb   C      Bb   C      Dm
You will feel it all around you
         C        Bb       Dm
Then it finally happens
          C                    Dm
And it's all come true for you
          C               Bb  
ANd the songs are playing over and over
                           A   A
Till they do it all over again