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Senorita Bass Tab

I was kinda messing about when i made this bass line up but i showed it to my
band and we sometimes play it and it sounds really good. i think they may be
another bass line for this song but it sounds a bit boring, not really
appriciating the bass sound. this is pretty simple but really good and 'bassy'. enjoy

Artist: Justin Timberlake
Song: Senorita
Tuning: E A D G
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/justin_timberlake/senorita_btab.html ]

once you've worked out the rhythm of how that goes play that whenever the drums
play and at about 3:36 play this with same rhythm as worked out before:


When the drums come back or when you sense it start to get a bit heavier
in play the first one. simple. 

hope you enjoy it any probs or comments just e-mail me at ibanez_k503@hotmail.com