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You Dont See Me Chords

The tab for this song is pretty easy to figure out.
You basically just strum the chord and then pick the 3rd, 1st then
2nd then 3rd  string again. It sounds more complete then the other
versions ive seen around and more like the cd. have fun and i hope
this isnt to confusing to understand.

G: 320003
C9:x32033 with this chord you pick the 6th,5thand 4th string then pluck
the 1st and 2nd string together
Dsus:xx0233 with this one you hammeron to D then pluck 1st string of D
Em: 022000
A: x02220
G			         C9
This is the place where I sit,
Am			     Dsus             D
This is the part where I love you too much
G                              C9
This is as hard as it gets
Am                                     Dsus                D
?Cause I?m getting tired of pretending I?m tough

Em                                  A
I?m here if you want me, I?m yours you can hold me
C                                     D
I?m empty but taken, yet tumblin' and breakin?
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G                         C           Am                          D
?Cause you don?t see me; And you don?t need me
Bm                        Em   C                             D
And you don?t love me; The way I wish you would
Am                            D
The way I know you could

G                              C9
I dream a world where you understand
Am                              Dsus                 D
And I dream a million sleepless nights
G                                         C9
I dream of fire when you?re touching my hand
Am                                            Dsus          D
But it twists into smoke when I turn on the lights
Em                                     A
I?m speechless and faded; it?s too complicated
C                                        D
Is this how the book ends, nothing but good friends?.

Chorus:STRUM this one (which is if you like it better which i do)
Bridge: Em  A  C  _?_  Em  A  C  D (way i wish you would)

G                                   C9     Am                                     Dsus        D
This is the place in my heart; this is the place where I?m falling apart
G                                   Em     Am                                     Dsus       D
Isn?t this just where we met?  Is this the last chance that I?ll ever get
Em                         A
I wish I was lonely, instead of just only
C                                            D
Crystal and see through and not enough to you?.   Chorus x2