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You Dont See Me Chords

You don't see me
Josie and the Pussycats
(Capo II)

(This is my first attempt at creating a tab, please don't be to harsh on me if it's not to good)

This is the place where I sit
This is the part where I love you too much
This is as hard as it gets
Cuz I'm getting tired of pretending I'm tough

But here if you want me
I'm yours you can hold me
I'm empty and taken and
Tumbling and breaking
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G              C (6)
Cus you don't see me
C               D
And you don't need me
D                G
And you don't love me
C                         D
The way I wish you would
C              D
 The way I know you could

I dream a world where you understand
That I dream A million sleepless nights
I dream I fire when you touching my hand
But it twists to smoke when I turn on the lights

 I'm speechless and faded
It's too complicated
Is this how the book ends
nothing but good friends?



This is the place in my heart
This is the place I'm falling apart
Is this just the place we met?
And is this the last Chance
I'll ever get
I wish I was lonely
Instead of just only
Crystal and see-through
And not enough to you