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Devils Broom Chords

 Am                                                             Dm 
 Every time when I can't get enough to make it 
 Give me back every sense that I used to have 
 Waking up in the sun face down on the pavement 
 Everything that I own in a garbage bag 

 F            C     G
 Where are you? 
 What did I do? 
 Why can't you see? 
 F               G                 C      C/B
 You mean everything to me 
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 Am                                                             Dm 
 Waking up in the tank, disorderly break-up 
 And no one here will even tell me what I did 
 With the guilt and the shame completely vacant 
 It's hard to stay alive when you don't know how to live 


 Am                                                             Dm 
 Since you've gone ain't nobody else gonna save me 
 Cause I can't trade a bottle for an empty room 
 I just pray that the lord gonna come down and take me 
 Sweep me off the floor with the devil's broom