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Nagging Dark Chords

Nagging Dark by John Hiatt from Beneath This Gruff Exterior
Submitted by Bendave
    Play Esus4 - |o222oo|

B                  E   Esus4 E   Esus4           E  
How fast you gonna run?          Away from this one.
       C#m           B
Anywhere but here, you wanna disappear.
          Esus4  E   Esus4                  E
Into the next daylight, where everything's right.
C#m                                  B
It's always somewhere else, you're gonna fix yourself.
A              B                    A
Once shame and guilt had made their mark. 
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Chorus (fast)
C#m           B                   A     E        
Well you can't run away from the nagging dark. 
C#m            B        A       E
You carry it everywhere in your heart.
C#m         B          A       E                
It finishes everything that you start.     
B                           A 
And, you can't run away from the nagging dark. 

B              E   Esus4 E   Esus4 E   Esus4
How much you gonna cost?   When everything's lost. 
C#m                             B 
What a price you'd pay, just to feel some way. 
                      Esus4       E   Esus4  E
Cause your heart has stone, round down to the bone.
C#m                                     B 
How your flesh and blood, is just ashes and mud. 
A                B                 A 
Feels like your soul's been blown apart. 

Repeat Chorus

B                E   Esus4 E   Esus4 E   Esus4
How far can you see?       Will you ever be free? 
C#m                        B 
Through the blackest night, aw you still hold on tight.
   B       A         B          A 
Hope is your finest work. It's your finest work. 
 B         F#m           A 
Hope is your finest work of all. 

Repeat Chorus 2X