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Carvel Chords

John fruciante                                         carvel / 
shadow collide with people

FOr the intro just use a slide and some mellow effects.


B  A   G  6x
D  A  F#m G A 2x

verse 2x


A                    G       A                     G
Sendin the dummie to my god, sendin the dummie to my god
A                    F#m  G
sendin the dummie to my_______

Then go back to the verse.

F#m               F#m                  
Ah________________Ah__________________ Have you gone away?

then the verse of the song changes to this:
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Bm  D  A  G

G|-----9-10-----9-10-----9-10--------------------------------  2x
D|-9-12-----9-12-----9 12------------------------------------

There are some alterations the second time thru the solo.


A   F#m   D  Bm  
then  the back to the solo
One more bridge before ending:
A   G   A    F#m  G


D  A  Bm G
D  A   D (hold out note and let it dye outon its own.)

This is my first tab so  i hope you accept it. in fact im a new member.

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

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