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What You Want Chords

I went to see John Butler Trio at Big Day Out this year, in Australia where i live, i
love them and praise John Butler himself, this is such a beautiful song and has made me
cry once, pathetic haha i kno, but i am a girl! here it is, as best as i could work it
out considering no where else has this tab. You will have to download the song to get
the timing for it:D

Artist: John Butler Trio
Title:  What You Want
Album:  Sunrise Over Sea
Tabbed By: Mille! DiCe_GuRl

   ?      Am     Em    C
                   ?   Am  Em   
What you want to say,
Em                   ?   Am  Em
Wait till you get home.
                 ?     Am  Em
I'm sick of communicating over the telephone. 
                     ?   Am  Em                   
But tell me how you feel,
                 ?   Am  Em 
For I am lonely too 
               ?   Am  Em
Need you to know 
                              ?   Am  Em
I'm just as cold and numb as you. 
[ Tab from: ]
---------0--------------  x8
?   Am  Em
?   Am  Em
?   Am  Em
?   Am  Em
                 ?   Am  Em
But I could fly away, 
                 ?   Am  Em
Or I could be no one.
                 ?   Am  Em 
And you could be the 
                           ?   Am  Em
Sunshine falling over the Mountains
                     ?   Am  Em
Or you could come to stay
                     ?   Am  Em 
You could come right home
                     ?   Am  Em 
Don't see why I have to
                     ?   Am  Em 
Live this life all alone. 

C                           Em
I know there is a way to make up for old Mistakes
C                           Em 
And I know what's happening is for a reason
C                           Em 
I know...

u will work out the timing for the last bit:P all in time my friends!
Hope u enjoyed this tab, let me kno on any comments problems or even if u just wanna
Laters Laters!