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California Dreamer Chords

Artist - Jimmy Rankin 
Song - California Dreamer

Note: use capo on 1nd freet.

  G                    A
I hear you're going to California
C                     G
You finally made your mind
    G               A
You caught an early plane this morning
C                  G    
News came down the line

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Chorus 1:
    C     Am   G   A                  D   C
California dreamer leaving us all beh-i-i-iind

I guess you feel that the sunshine
is a better place than here
All the things you've ever needed
I hope you find out there

Chorus 1

I hear you're going to California
Rolling Jimmy Rogers style
I know sometime you will remember
and think of us once in awhile.

Chorus 2:
California dreamer really love the stars in your eyes

Bye bye
California dreamer