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Trinity Chords

Intro djembe 
A  D  A  D

A	    D	  A		  D
You in the mirror staring back at me
A   D			A  D		
Oh conscience let me be
	  A	   D	     A	  D
To the pure all things are pure
   A	                D			   A    	   D
To those who're defiled unbelieving nothing is pure   (nothing is pure)
	A	   D		A		    D
Their minds their conscience defiled (conscience defiled)
	A			D			    A   D
They profess to know God but deceive Him by deeds all the while

E			 D 
Where do I stand on the rock or in the sand
E			 D
Oh Holy Spirit won't you help me understand

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     A	    D				A	            D
Holy Spirit won't you say a prayer for me (say a prayer for me)
		A   D	A  D
With your groanings
	A    D		A	             D
My mind my conscience defiled (conscience defiled)
	 A			   D
Send the blood of the Lamb don't leave me in exile

E				D
What was that promise on the cross at Calvary
E			 D			A D A D
Confess the Lord and the truth shall set you free yay yay yay

A		D		  A		     D
Create in me a clean heart Oh God renew a steadfast spirit within me
A		     D		    A	D
To my prayers You've always given heed
     A  D		A	      D
Blessed be thy God Who never turned away from me
A		   D		    A		D	
Hid His face from all my sin forgot, forgot my iniquity, go on and

E			D
Raise your hands sing praises to the Lord (sing praises to the Lord)
E			D
He is the King and He'll reign forevermore
E		  D
He died upon the cross at Calvary (calvary)
E	    D			A
He died to save a wretch like me

(end vamp) A  E  A  E

tabbed by spudmuffin14