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Hallowed Chords

By Jennifer Knapp

Note: She played it in F# in the CD. So just put your capo 
      in the 4th fret if you want to follow the CD.
      Each chords for the intro has different time length. 
      Listen to the CD for better clarification. 

Intro: D  Em  F#m  G?  Bm  A  G... 

Our Father,
Which art in Heaven,
G		D
Hallowed be thy name,
G			D	G
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
D	A		D
Hallowed... Hallowed...
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Done on the earth as it is in heaven,
Hallowed... be thy name,
Give us this our daily bread,
Hallowed... Hallowed...

And please forgive, all of our debts,
Hallowed... be thy name,
As we forgive our debtors,
Hallowed... Hallowed...

Em				D
Lead us not into temptation's lair,
G			A
Deliver us from the evil snare,
For thine is the kingdom,
G		A		
Power and glory,

Bm		G	A
Forever and ever, Amen...

(Repeat 2x)
G		D
Hallowed... Hallowed...

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