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Feet Touch The Ground Chords

Feet Touch the Ground is only 2 chords basically all the way through (save the chorus)

          D5                                 C5
Well i thought the worst was over, when my heart.... ect

Pre Chorus
               D5                      C5
Its what they tell me, its what they tell me.

                  E5                      D5  C5  D5  D#5
Well its not the truth, no im not going down 
Till my feet Touch the Ground
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Tab Part in the intro

  D5   C5                        D5       C5
e                                              0        0
B                                               9        9
A      10 10 10 10  8 8 8 8 10 10         10      10
E                                           8        8      Start Verse at end of there

If you want the entire thing with lyrics and all chords set out properly, feel free to email me on with the subject entitled REST OF RIFF!!

thanks fellas