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Worlds Apart Tab

"Worlds Apart"
Music by Jars of Clay
Lyrics by Dan Haseltine
© 1995 Pogostick Music (BMI)/Bridge Building Music (BMI).
From the album -Jars of Clay-. Copyright © 1995 Brentwood Music, Inc.
Transcribed by Alexander Chen - thatalex@aol.com, http://members.aol.com/thatalex/

Standard-tuned six-string acoustic.

002200 A2
024400 B4
042200 A2/C#
202200 A2/F#
046600 C#m7
022100 E

(Note 1: Be sure to listen to the recording for the 
strum pattern, as the syncopated chord changes noted
by a dash "-" will come directly from this strum.)

(Note 2: The two slashes "//" signify a cut-off. Listen
to the recording, you'll hear it.)

[verse 1]
A2 - B4  
A2 - B4  
A2/F# (2x)

C#m7 B4 A2 A2
C#m7 B4 A2 A2 - A2/C# //

[verse 2]
A2 - B4  
A2 - B4  
A2/F# (2x)
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C#m7 B4 A2 A2
C#m7 B4 A2 A2

C#m7 E A2 A2 (2x)

C#m7 B4 A2 A2 - A2/C# //

[repeat verse 2]

[repeat chorus]

[bridge w/chorus in background]

  C#m7            B4              A2              A2
("I look beyond the empty cross ...")

(play above riff 4x, then ...)

C#m7 E A2 A2 (2x)

C#m7 B4 A2 A2 (3x)

A2 - B4 A2/C# //

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