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Art In Me Tab

Jars of Clay
Art In Me
(c) 1995 Pogostick Music (BMI)
Transcribed by Jerry Chinn 

Intro (guitar 1):  (play it under the verses)
capo 3

Notes:  H() means Hammer on the note
	/() means slide up to note
	\() means slide down to note

(guitar 2):  (some of the stranger chords)

  G  C G/D G/B

G      C      G/D      C	G   C	  G/D  C
Images on the sidewalk speak of dream's decent
G	C      G/D	 C	    Am7		 D C   G
Washed away by storms to graves of cynical lament
C     G/D  C	  Am7	     D C   G
Dirty canvases to call my own
C	G/D	  C	 Bb		     Bb Am7
Protest limericks carved by the old pay phone
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     Em	       D       G/B	Am7	       D  C	
	In you picture book I'm trying hard to see
     Em		D	G/B   Am7	     D C
	Turning endless pages of this tragedy
     Em		  D	G/B	    Am7		 D C
	Sculpting every move you compose a symphony
     Em		     D    G/B
	You plead to everyone,
	Am7		 C G/B
	See the art in me,    (repeat this line)
	Am7	       G C G/D C (few times) G
	see the art in me

C      G/D	     C		  G	    C	   G/D  C  G
Broken stained-glass windows, the fragments ramble on
C	 G/D    C	   Am7		     D C
Tales of broken souls, an eternity's been won
G  C	   G/D	     C		  Am7		  D  C
As critics scorn the thoughts and works of mortal men
G  C	    G/D	     C	    Bb		  Bb Am7
My eyes are drawn to You in awe once again

Bridge:   G D C

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