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Ted Just Admit It Tab

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From: be26447@binghamton.edu
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:28:39 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Tab: "Ted Just Admit It" by Jane's Addiction

Hello, Heidy-ho!!

I got some of this song off olga and it was only for bass and it
was wrong and this disturbed me very greatly and I had to correct it
before I smashed the pot of my cactus plant on my roomates head. Here is
the way it goes:
You can simulate the drum intro by scratching the stings to the
beat that the drums go to, this makes going into the bass and guitar parts
much nicer when you are playing the song on just guitar. 

Guitar 1 (bass rhythm actually):
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/janes_addiction/ted_just_admit_it_tab.html ]
D--5-sl-4     > E-0-0-00-x-x-0----x-x-0-0-00-x-x
             D-4-2-22-x-0-5-sl-4-x-0-4-2-22-x-0   (let ring here) yay1 
                 \___-you should play the bottom two strings and the high
                      E-string musted here if you want to

Guitar 2: E5 E5 E5 f#5 E5 f#5-sl-G5 G5 (and repeat, do this with The bass
part on guitar 1 for the intro, and verse section A

Then when it gets harder and the guitar really come in as the
shards of glass dance around in ballet fashion on your face as the
demented frozen red screaming but motionless, smiling, and laughing  faces
float out of all the gray energized walls (right after "Her sex is
violent!" at the end of verse section B, continue through section C), the
guitar part is:

E5! E5,E5,E5,E5 f#5 E5 f#5-sl-G5 G5 G5 G5 G5

SECTION B and D: A5 xxx xxx A5 xxx xxx 

After section D there is a wild spiraling interlude with drums and

Then (play it really loud and scream the words) right before and during
sections E and G: .          .   
  A A A CCCC A A A CCCC (and repeat)
(dot above chord indicates play it staccato)

During sections F and H: (Chords) A-----C------(AND REPEAT 3x)