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Female Bonding Chords

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Date: 10/3/96; 8:45:34 AM
From: Rick Schofield 
Subject: Female Bonding - Brett James

			Female Bonding - Brett James

Intro:	E (4 bars with stop at end)

Verse1:      E
	Well me and all of my buddies, 
	   A                  E
	we spend most all our time
	with a fishin pole or a remote control 
	of any ball game we can find
	and all the experts say male bonding 
	   A            E
	is good for any man
	          A                 E
	but I can testify that even if they're right, 
	             B             E
	there's only so much I can stand
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Chorus: (tacet)            A                         E
	I need some female bonding, I need a woman's touch
	you know I like just hangin' with the boys
	                      A         E
	but this man can only stand soo much
	                      A                              E
	I want some femi-nine company, I need a heart that's true
	    B                        A                 E
	and girl if you'll bond with me I'll bond with you

	now too much of a good thing 

	can drive a man insane

	I got nothing against my buddies 

	and I sure hate to complain

	but male bonding ain't worth nothing 

	on a lonesome summer night

	I might even trade my fast boat 

	for a woman that'll treat me right


	[SOLO - chorus with stops at end]


Coda:       B                        A   A Bb
	and girl if you'll bond with me,   I said
	    girl if you'll bond with me,   yeah
	    girl if you'll bond with me, 
        (stop)         E 
	I'll bond with you

Charted by Rick Schofiled (rds@rds.mv.com)