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Time For Truth (solo) Chords

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15th September 2000, 5.09pm
Shaun Hand, Birmingham

(Paul Weller)

From the LP 'In The City'

Chords used:

A:  577655
D:  x5777x
E:  x7999x
G:  355433
E:  022100 (used at '..stick together now')

(on the demo version on the box-set, there is a 'One, two, three' before the song
 starts, on 'In The City', there isn't)
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jam/time_for_truth_solo_crd.html ]
A                       G5         A5 G          A  
--7--7--5--5--5--4--4-----5--5--5--5/7--5--5--5--5/7--|--x--7--x--7-- (x2)

repeat the guitar solo up to the bar and then play:

  G          A                   A
--3--3--3--3/5--               --5--
--3--3--3--3/5--               --5--
--4--4--4--4/6--               --6--
--5--5--5--5/7-- (x4) then...  --7-- (x4 - last time let ring)
--5--5--5--5/7--               --7--
--3--3--3--3/5--               --5--

NB: Liddle Towers: Weller shouts this before the guitar solo, Liddle Towers died in
                   police custody in late 1976, the coroner's verdict of 'misadventure'
                   led the newspapers to demand a full enquiry.