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Eton Rifles Chords

The Eton Rifles Tabbed by Kyle Hitchcock (kjhitchcock@hotmail.com)

words and music by paul weller
As perfomed by the Jam.

Chords used:

C  : x35553
D  : x57775
F  : 133211
F1 : xx3211
G  : 355433
G1 : 320003
Am : 577555
Em : 022000





C                        D
sup up your beer and collect your fags

C                    D
there's a row goin on down near slough

C                     D
get out your mat and pray to the west

C                      D                F1   G1
i'll get out mine and pray for myself

C                                   D
thought you were all smart when you took them on but you

C                           D
didn't take a look in their artilary room

C                    D
all that rugby puts hairs on your chest
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jam/eton_rifles_crd.html ]
C                                 D                F1   G1
what chance have we got against a tie and a crest


F     G      C  G  Am
hello hurray what a nice day for the

Am            Am
Eton Rifles!  Eton Rifles

F     G             C   G   Am
hello hurray i'd prefer the plague to the

Am            Am
Eton Rifles!  Eton Rifles!


After Chorus:

Em                F
what a catayst you turned out to be

Em                     F                       G
loaded your guns and you ran off home for your tea

    G                       G                 G G G G G G G G
and left me standing like a naughty schoolboy


thats about all you need to know, unless you wanna put the guitar noise in at the beging 
of my arrangement of the bass part.

i haven't put the piece in running order, figured i'd give you a challenge!

if you can try and play the different versions of the chords which i have indicated in 
right place to get the full affect of the song.