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Gliding Chords

Song: GlidingArtist: JadeThis is one of Jade's best songs so I thought I would tab it out for you. If 
want anymore info on Jade, please write to Cain at    r.c.fleming@xtra.co.nz  This song is tuned up one and 
half notes. ( put a capo on your third fret. )Intro: ( play twice. )G    
   |---------------------0--------------2----------------3-----------------------------------------0-----------------3--------------------------------------|E    |-------------0--------------2---------------2-----------------2----------------------0-----------------2-----------------2--------------2------------|A# |---------0------0------2------2-------0------0---------0-------0------------0--------0-------2-------2--------0-------0----0------------------|C# 
|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Verse 1: Same as intro.Bridge:  ( play x4 )G    |-----------------------------------------------------------------3-------------------------|C    |------------------------------------------------3------------------------------------------|E    |--------0-----------------2--------------2---------0---------------0-------------------|A# |-------------2-------0--------0------0------------------0----------------0-------0---|C# |--------3--------3-------3-------3----------3---------------------------------3-------|F# |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|Chorus:  ( Strum x2 )G    |-----3-----0-----0-----0-----3-----0-----0-----|C    |-----2-----0-----2-----3-----2-----0-----3-----|E    
|-----0-----2-----0-----0-----0-----2-----0-----|C# |-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----|F# |-----x------x-----x------x-----x-----x-----x------|Verse 2: Same as chorus.Bridge: Strum chords.Chorus:Interlude:Chorus:Outro ( Verse 1 )Finish on A#.  ( Same as G chord. )Lyrics:Intro:Verse 1:		If you figure it out for me,		I know I can guide you,		It?s there, why can?t you see, 		It?s trying to find you.Bridge: 		And I know where you?ve been,		And I know what you do,		And I know what you said,		And who you said it to.Chorus:			I?m gliding,until the end,		Please glide with me,		I?m gliding,with all my friends,		I?m gliding.Verse 2:		I remember when I first saw you,		So innocent and young,		I knew I had to guide you,		So then I begun. Bridge:		But I didn?t know where you?d been,	 I didn?t know what you do,	 I didn?t know what you said,		Or who you said it to.Chorus:Interlude:Chorus:Outro:(verse 1)Finish on A#.
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