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Cupid Tab

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Tabbed by David Bédard-Barrette, McGill University, Canada, May 2003

Here is one of the new songs on the Jack Johnson CD: On And On.
Really nice song; no capo & standard tuning. Please, rate this tab !
Any corrections are welcome! e-mail:davidbarrette@videotron.ca

Song: Cupid
Band: Jack Johnson
Album: On And On
Composers: Jack Johnson
Version: Album version


     A   Am+7   E   F#m  Bm7



[A, Am+7, E, F#m ] x2

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A              Am+7       E    F#m
Well how many times must we go through this
A                  Am+7         E         F#m
you've always been mine woman i thought you knew this
A         Am+7      E     F#m
how many times must we go through this
A                Am+7
you'll always be mine
E          F#m    Bm7       E           
Cupid only misses sometimes
A          Am+7      E      F#m
hmm  hmmmmm
A          Am+7      E      F#m
hmm  hmmmmm

Bm7                  E
Well we could end up broken hearted if
A       Am+7      F#m 
We don't remember why all this started
            Bm7                       E   
And if they try to tell you that love fades with time
          A          Am+7          F#m
tell them there's no such thing as time
     Bm7      E
It's our time
     A        Am+7   E    F#m
It's our time
     A        Am+7   E    F#m
It's our time
It's our time

This is by far the best song on the "On and On" CD. Short and sweet. Try this one
around a campfire with friends. Just magic.

That's it ! Comments are welcome ! --- "CHICKITY CHINA, THE CHINESE CHICKEN" --Bnl--