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Angel Chords

2nd fred but you needn`t a capo

this is the right song from the official songbook from Jack Johnson. 
so Play and Enjoy.

intro: C G6 Am F Dm7 G C

Verse 1
C           C      
I`ve got an Angel; 

G6                     Am      F
  She doesn`t wear any wings  
She wears a heart that could melt my own;__  

                  G                             C
she wears a smile___ that could make me want to sing

Vers 2
She gives me presents    

G6                Am           F
with her presents alone____ 

               Dm7                                      G
She gives me everything I could wish for; She gives me kisses 

on the lips just for coming home

Vers 3:
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She can make Angels;

G6                    Am       F
I`ve seen with my own eyes__

                 Dm7                                           G
You`ve got to be careful when you`ve got good love `cause them angels

will just keep on multiplying


    Dm7                         G
But you`re so busy changing the world__

         Dm7                              G
Just one smile and you could cange all of mine

                  C      G6             Am  
We share the same soul.  Oh, oh,oh,oh_

               C     G6             Am
Share the same soul. Oh, oh,oh,oh_ 

               C     G6             Am
Share the same soul. Oh, oh,oh,oh_ 

            F   Dm7          C
Oh, oh,oh,oh__  Mm, mm,mm,mm__