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Melting Minds Chords

Melting Minds
Transcribed by Linus Fanger

off the brilliant album Inland Traveller
from one of the great Swedish bands. Listen to the song and 
don't forget to work your pinkiefinger in the obvious places
to imitate the organ. Gives the song a fuller sound.

Intro: E

Verse 1
where is it now
E                              A
that feeling you said it would blow my mind
hours and weeks
E                A
are we afraid of getting old
C#m                      B
this is our chance to be in it all
C#m                              B
here it is creeping and crawling under your skin
         A         E
will you let it in no

[ Tab from: ]
    A                          E
the days are geting longer and longer again
     B                         C#m
when spring comes it eases the pain
there ain't no such thing as bad weather
though I know it could be better
   B                     C#m      A     E
so put on your coat your smile

Verse 2
where is it now
E                             A
the times when we did what we wanted to
through hours and weeks
E                      A
when will we learn to dig where we stand
C#m                                B
this is the place that we call our home
C#m                             B
here it is waiting for us to be in it all
         A         E
will you let it in no


Am, B
Am, B
C#m, B, E
C#m, B, A, E