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Its Golden Chords

Intro (orgel):

Em                  C
fifteen people in a crowded room
G                   D
fifteen people in a silent room
Em                       C
tension builds up and it fills the air
G                        D
knowing there is someone missing here

like a jewel bumping down the stairs 
we've been moving on so let us pray
in celebration of a special mind
and for a friendship of a certain kind

C                               G
for the many who have been here before 
           C               Am
there's so many letting it go

[ Tab from: ]
     G        Em
it's golden - what we have
it's golden - can we realize that
C                      D               G      D
can we realize that it shines and it's golden
     G                 Em
it's shining - all the thoughts that we've had 
it's sparkling - down the roads on our map
C                        D              G        D
and when we realize that we shine 'till tomorrow

Em                             C
we've been going in and out of style
G                            D
always guaranteed to raise a smile
Em                           C
if someone tells us we're no longer alive
G                                D
think we could show them what is in our eyes

C                                 G
here's to many who have been here before
               C               Am
and there's so many letting it go