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Whos That Lady Intro Tab

Who's that Lady - played on the guiatr by Ernie Isley

I am not going to write out all the chords he plays, I'm just giving you the ones he 
the rhythm out for yourself; cause I have no idea how to write it out- sorry.
The Riff is my basic version, as I am not good enough to tab the accurate one Ernie 
+ the solo is way beyond my capability.
Please enjoy, and feel free to leave comments or contact me.

   Cm7          Fm7
e -8--8---------8--8-------|
B -8--8---------9--9h11p9--|
G -8--8h10p8----8--8-------|
D -8--8---------10-10------|
A -10-10--------8--8-------|
E -8--8---------x--x-------|

[ Tab from: ]
   g#  A#    g#   Gmj  A#  Gmj   Dm7  Cm7           Fm7
e -x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x--------4----4h6p4-|
B -4----6----4----3----6----3----6----4----4h6p4----4----4-----|
G -5----7----5----4----7----4----5----3----3--------5----5-----|
D -6----8----6----5----8----5----7----5----5--------3----3-----|
A -6----8----6----5----8----5----5----3----3--------x----x-----|
E -x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x--------x----x-----|

Basic Riff

e -8-----8------------------------------|
B -11b13-13br11-8----8------------------|
G ----------------10---10-10p8----8-----|
D -----------------------------10---10--|
A --------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------|

e -8-----8--------------13-13p11----11-----|
B -11b13-13br11-8----8-----------13----13--|
G ----------------10-----------------------|
D -----------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------|