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Dairy Queen Chords

DAIRY QUEEN .:: amy Ray ::.

no capo, standard tuning

Am   F   C   G
(use the bar chords for these)

   Am  F   C   G


Am                    F
I heard that you were drunk and mean

C                 G
Down at the dairy queen

Am                     F
There's just enough of you in me

C              G
For me to have sympathy

Em            C
And take it in stride

F            C
I know I had mine

F               C
And you were as kind

I am told
[ Tab from: ]
Ain't it funny how we lose one day
And a lifetime
Slips away
I'm looking back on us that way
Something I
Never thought I'd say

CHORUS: (same)
I take it in stride
I know I had mine
It was good for a time
I am told
It was good for a time
I am told

VERSE: (same)
The love you gave was not for free
But the price
Was truly fair
I never felt so glad to be
So well spent
So beyond repair

I take it in stride
At least you were mine
If not for all the time
Enough to hold

Now take good care that you are true
You said you found it
Hard to do
And find that bit of faith that sets you free
Having everything to prove

You take it in stride
And know you got mine
And it's good for a lifetime
Or more
I love you
I love you more and more
Oh I love you more and more