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Bury My Heart Chords

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Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 15:27:39 -0600 (CST)
From: Casey Connor 
Subject: CRD: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee as done by Indigo Girls

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
W&M by Buffy St. Marie,
as covered by the Indigo Girls.

Another four-chord song transcribed by guitar GOD,
with help with the words from indigo-girls listmembers.


"Emily": (sing freely)

D                           A
Indian Legislation's on the desk of a do-right congressman

D                                G
But he don't know much about the issues so he

picks up the phone and asks the advice of the

D              Bm
senator out in Indian Country, a

G              A
darling of the energy companies

        Bm                  G           A
They're ripping off what's left of the reservation

"Amy": (with more rhythm)

             A                           Bm
I learned this safety rule I don't know who to thank

            A                F#m             Bm
don't stand between the reservation and the corporate bank

               A                       F#m                 Bm
They're sendin federal tanks, it isn't nice, but it's reality


(no chord)              D       C   G
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

                         D   C   G
I said deep in the earth

                            D            C   G
Won't you cover me with your pretty lies

                        D     C   G
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

               A                                 Bm
They got these energy companies they're tryin to steal our land
                           (or: who want to take our land)
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         A                  F#m         Bm
They got churches by the dozen tryin to guide our hand

A                                   (F#m?)          Bm
and turn our mother earth over to pollution war and greed

Get rich, get rich quick

CHORUS (With echoing BMHAWK's?)

"Jerry Marotta":

We've got the federal books, we've got the covert spies
         (or: federal marshals)
They got the liars by fire they got the FBI
They go to court and get nailed and still Leonard Peltier goes off to jail

The bullets didn't match the gun

CHORUS (With echoing BMHAWK's - "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee; It was an 
eigth of the reservation; It was transferred in secret; You got your  
murdering heart and intimidation; Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee")
(or: you got your murder and intimidation, etc...)

We're talking about a revolution

My girlfriend Anna May, she talked about Uranium
Her head was full of bullets and her body dumped
The FBI cut off her hands and told us she died of exposure


Bury me Bury me

We had the gold rush wars, why didn't we learn to crawl?
And now our history gets written in a liar's scrawl.
They tell me

[No Chord]

Honey you can still be an Indian, I mean, you know, wear those little
moccasins and play those bingo games down at the Y on a Saturday night.
("Bullshit", except I think Amy says "Right" on CompG's)

And they should...
CHORUS ("...You're going to cover me with your pretty lies...")

CHORUS ("...It's an eigth...etc...heart and intimidation...")

'Bury my heart' repeated at end.

First voice stays on low D, second does "Bur" and "heart" on F and "y my" on 
E, third does "Bur" and "heart" on A and "y my" on G, and a last voice 
can do the high D for "Bur" and "heart" and C for "y my" so it's:

Dm  C/D  Dm
Bur y My Heart

repeated over and over again. This is pretty much a guess and may be an 
approxiamtion of the actual sining or may embellish it. Whatever. You 
might try tuning the low E to D and playing the normal D and then C 
chords over it with the open bass string allowed to ring.

Notes: For the verse, I think the F#m's are sometimes there and sometimes 
not. And listen to the recording for the syncopated strumming pattern. 
It's kooky.
|_  A s e y